Investment Advice

Advice on business, real estate and financial investments

• Assessment of company investments
Business expansion plans in the whole Spanish region, new distribution networks implementation, collaboration agreements with third parties, companies trading, joint-ventures, due diligence…

• Assessment of Real-Estate Investments and Real-Estate Heritages management
Warehouses trading, solar, buildings, offices, estate leasing and any other professional advice in Real-Estate business.

• Assessment in financial investment
“BALSELLS PINTÓ LAW FIRM” has formalized agreements with the most important financial leaders in the private Bank of Spain, in order to help those clients who require Financial and Tax Assessment services personalized for their capital assets.
With these agreements, “BALSELLS PINTÓ LAW FIRM” clients will have access to highly personalized investment assessment, that will provide, in every situation, the investments options more suited to their personal preferences.

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