Commercial Law

Corporate: Incorporation of companies, temporary employment agencies, representation in Annual General meetings and shareholders’ meetings, capital increases and reductions, Representation in commerce, Appointment of auditors, Modification of statutes, Documentation for investment groups, dissolution and liquidation of companies, mergers, Company separations, strategic alliances between companies…

Contracts: Negotiating and drafting contracts especially franchising, distribution, agency, commercial loans, license of patents exploitation and companies, commercial trading, Credit checking, Commercial finance consolidation, credit transfer, Timetables for payment of debts.

Financial Law: Advice and production of contracts for large quantities of financing, such as leasing, factoring, renting, confirming… as well as seeking funding for projects.

Company Reorganization: Consultation on financial or organizational conflicts. Preparation of feasibility studies or company reorganization/restructuring.

Industrial and Intellectual Property Law: Contracts to support intellectual rights, IT rights, transfer of technology, copyright and inventions, brand counselling and everything related to industrial and intellectual property rights.

Maritime Law: Construction contracts and ship and boats trading, charter contracts, Time-Charter, transport contract, shipment knowledge. Conflict resolution with shipping and transport companies/agents.

International / European Law: Procedures to International Courts both EU and non-EU, as well as procedures against free competition in national and international markets.

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