Real estate advisors for Non Spanish residents

BUFETE BALSELLS PINTÓ-Lawyers, have joined forces with Bufete PALLISER-Lawyers, of Menorca, specialists in this area and with many years of experience in this field much like ourselves. Generally this field of law lacks specialists

So,we have formed collaborations with estate agencies,where we offer help with the whole operation from beginning to end and our fees are paid only by the by the client who contracts us.

As you can see on our webpage
we offer a full range of services be it Overseeing the complete legal process of Buying /selling /renting or Purchase option.From analysing the survey through physical inspections

Drafting of contracts, Digital signatures, Opening bank accounts, Obtaining NIE (National identity number needed by all non-residents and residents), execution of deeds,Tax assessment,Changes in title holders of contracts, Use of property as part of the tourist sector, Everything you need until the property is registered with the land registary office (if Needed)

For greater security and in confidence of our clients, we take care to keep them informed of all developments and provide them with the main documents translated into their own language.

Our work as legal advisors involves providing greater technical support throughout the entire process of the real estate transaction.
We act in full transparency with all participants, who will have access to all documentation/information.

We can also help to get the necessary funding.

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