We are able to cover nearly every area of law in order to avoid any of our clients being without legal representation in whatever area of law they may require.

Investment Advice

• Assessment of company investments
Business expansion plans in the whole Spanish region, new distribution networks implementation, collaboration agreements with third parties, companies trading, joint-ventures, due diligence...

• Assessment of Real-Estate Investments and Real-Estate Heritages management
Warehouses trading, solar, buildings, offices, estate leasing and any other professional advice in Real-Estate business.

• Assessment in financial investment
“BALSELLS PINTÓ LAW FIRM” has formalized agreements with the most important financial leaders in the private Bank of Spain, in order to help those clients who require Financial and Tax Assessment services personalized for their capital assets.
With these agreements, “BALSELLS PINTÓ LAW FIRM” clients will have access to highly personalized investment assessment, that will provide, in every situation, the investments options more suited to their personal preferences.

Civil Law

• Civil Law (General)
Advice, Contracts and Court settlements, Lawsuit creation and representation in judicial procedures related to renting, third party ownership claims, third party paramount rights claims, repossessions and Claims.

• Construction Law
All kind of assessment of certificates of New Constructions, building promotions, conflicts related to pathologies derived from construction...

• Inheritance and Family Law
Wills and testaments, Inherit Plan, family protocols, separations, divorces and ecclesiastical annulments, affiliations, adoptions, co-habiting couple dissolution…

• Insurance
Legal Advice on recruitment and its responsibilities related to recruitment and contracts, defence in case of any kind of accident.

Bankruptcy Law

Assessment, legal aid, processing, management and negotiation of bankruptcy files, either the debtor or creditor, depending on the requirements.

Tax Law

• Tax Law
Advice and tax planning in every commercial and non-commercial society (Associations, foundations, etc.), personal or otherwise and advice to an individual.

• Tax Law
Tax advice to companies and individuals, appearances in regards to the Treasury about inspections, prior and post planning, succession planning, Capital assets...

Employment Law

• Employment Law
Processing of employment procedures to the Courts, application of collective agreements, staff reorganization, individual and collective dismissals…

• Social Security Law
Counselling and processing for Social Security inspections, representation and defence against Public Institutions.

Commercial Law

• Corporate: Incorporation of companies, temporary employment agencies, representation in Annual General meetings and shareholders’ meetings, capital increases and reductions ?, Representation in commerce, Appointment of auditors, Modification of statutes, Documentation for investment groups, dissolution and liquidation of companies, mergers, Company separations, strategic alliances between companies...

• Contracts: Negotiating and drafting contracts especially franchising, distribution, agency(?), commercial loans, license of patents exploitation and companies, commercial trading, Credit checking, Commercial finance consolidation, credit transfer, Timetables for payment of debts.

• Financial Law: Advice and production of contracts for large quantities of financing, such as leasing, factoring, renting, confirming… as well as seeking funding for projects.

•Company Reorganization: Consultation on financial or organizational conflicts. Preparation of feasibility studies or company reorganization/restructuring.

• Industrial and Intellectual Property Law: Contracts to support intellectual rights, IT rights, transfer of technology, copyright and inventions, brand counselling and everything related to industrial and intellectual property rights.

• Maritime Law: Construction contracts and ship and boats trading, charter contracts, Time-Charter, transport contract, shipment knowledge. Conflict resolution with shipping and transport companies/agents.

• International / European Law: Procedures to International Courts both EU and non-EU, as well as procedures against free competition in national and international markets.

IT Law

• Data protection act
Advice and management for the compliance to current laws.

• Electronic Commerce and Information Society Services Act
Assessment of commercial communications and procurement of products through electronic media.

• Technology Contracts
Advice and drafting of documents aimed towards online use.

Criminal Law

Legal assistance at Police Station, Duty Court, defence for preliminary proceedings, Abbreviated procedures, summaries…

Economic Criminal Law (“White-Collar Crimes”)

Procedures related with offenses linked to Criminal Law as swindle, misappropriation, punishable insolvencies, fraudulent conveyance , corporate crimes, falsifications of commercial documents, both private and public.

Public Law

• Administrative Law and Litigation
Instances, resources, legal defence for individual person or companies in and administrative and judicial procedures, against public administration, Expropriation proceedings, administrative sanctions…

• Urban Planning
Procedures for Land reclassification, sub-division of land and relevant licenses.

• Environmental Law
We have a highly qualified department in this area, so we can attend the large demand of this service. In this area we are talking about matters like residues, water, environmental protection in general, licenses concession, grant/subsidy finance, sanctions negotiations.